Propeller Swim School Levels 

All levels and teaching within the Propeller programme are ability based rather than age based. We put a lot of emphasis on quality technical based teaching getting the foundations right for each skill. Incorporated into the sessions are fun and water safety.

Swimmers progress to the next level once they have attained the requirements and don’t wait till the end of term. Assessments are ongoing so the swimmer keeps progressing during the term.


Babies - 6 months to 3 years 

Glider 1 1:8 ratio  (6 months - 2 years)

A parent/caregiver is required to join the child in the water.

  • water familiarisation
  • bubbles
  • monkey crawls
  • reaching for toys
  • back float (aided)
  • submersion in the water
  • reaching for the wall (aided)
  • fall, turn and reach
  • jump into the water from wall


Glider 2  1:6 ratio  (2 - 3 years)

A parent/caregiver is required to joing the child in the water.

  • focus on becoming independant and building confidence
  • learning instruction and direction
  • building on Glider 1 water skills
  • transition class from infants to preschool levels


Preschool - 3 - 5 years

Tug Boat 1:3 ratio

  • water familiarisation
  • safe entry
  • blowing bubbles
  • face submerged in the water
  • monkey crawls
  • fall, turn, reach
  • kicking legs
  • streamline / rocket arms
  • push and glide aided
  • streamline with good kicking
  • rolling front to back with help
  • starfish on back/front with an aid


Submarine 1:3 ratio

  • safe entry with bubbles
  • monkey crawl
  • back kick (aided)
  • face submerged looking down
  • starfish front float
  • starfish back float
  • push and glide (aided)
  • developing streamline with kick
  • fall, turn, reach
  • roll from front to back with aid 

Swim Nappies

All children under the age of 3 or not toilet trained, need to wear a swim nappy like the one pictured.

School Age - 5 years and up

Helicopters 1:4 ratio

This class is for school-aged children who need a recap.

- water familiarisation
- face submerged in the water
- starfish on back/front with an aid and regain position
- safe entry

Cruise ship 1:4 ratio


- unaided front /back float with regain feet
- breathing control
- kicking 5 m front and back
- backstroke arms with an aid
- arms circles brack and front
- rolling front to back 

Red Checkers 1:5 ratio


- freestyle arm 4-6 stroke (without breathing

-backstroke arm (with board)
- mushroom float blowing bubbles out the nose
- sculling / survival backstroke

Spitfire 1:5 ratio


- 10m freestyle with breathing
- 10m backstroke with rotation
- breaststroke leg action
- survival backstroke
- introduction to foward roll (turns)

Boeing 1:6 ratio


- freestyle 15m, breathing every 3 arm circles
- backstroke 15m
- breaststroke kick correctly
- tumble turns

Jet 1:6 ratio


- 25m freestyle
- 25m backstroke
- breaststroke 
- backstroke tumble turns
- fly kick

Stroke Development 

Stroke development levels follow on from the 5 levels in school age and are skills based. In these levels we are refining technique
with extra distance and further developing all strokes to prepare for squad level.

Bomber 1:6 ratio    (45 minute class)

- 50m freestyle
- 50m backstroke
- fly arm teaching
- backstroke tumble turns

Concorde 1: 6 ratio  (1 hour class)

- 100m freestlyee
- 100m backstroke
- 25m fly

-IM turns

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