Private Lessons and Special Needs

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Private Lessons and Special Needs 

Private lessons are available in both Term and Intensive Week lessons for those from 3 years to adults.

Great for helping the swimmer achieve individual goals.

We provide private one-on-one classes for all ages of children.  

Privates are great for those who may have special requirements or those that don’t respond well in group lessons. No matter what the reason is we can help you.


Special Needs
We have several teachers that have extensive experience with teaching and working with special needs. They have worked with all ages from pre-school to adults.

Swimmers can have private lessons or be in a group class.  Talk to us today about your child's specific requirements.





School Holiday Swimming Lessons

School holiday swimming lessons are great for those who may have not been in lessons for a while and this really kick starts them back into lessons and refreshes their skills.

It reinforces what has been learnt during the term and builds upon this.



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