Propeller School Holiday Swimming Lessons

School holiday swimming lessons are run each school holiday during the year.  This is a great opportunity to rapidly improve your child's swimming skills at the same time as burning some serious energy!  One lesson per day for 5 (or 4  for weeks with a Public Holiday) days. 



The details

Enrol your child for one lesson a day for the week.

Your child will be in a group with other children of the same level (learn more about our swim levels here).

Lessons are 25 minutes long.

The cost for 5 days of swimming is $92.50 per child




Week 1: Monday 25th September - Friday 29th September.

Week 2: Monday 2nd October  - Friday 6th October.






How do I enrol?

Email us at or fill in our contact form here.

To enrol your child, we need to know:

  • Caregiver's full name, email address and phone number
  • Child's full name, date of birth, any medical conditions
  • Child's swim level (more info here)
  • Preferred lesson time

Enrol now

Can I enrol for lessons during the school term too?

You sure can! We take new enrolments up to mid-way through each term  - contact us to enrol.

Enrol now