Skills based teaching

Each class has core skills and new skills with a range of progressions. Each student will be taught at their level so that they are encouraged to progress forward at their capability. Children will be encouraged to break through barriers.

Quality and Foundation Based Learning

High standards of assessments will be required to move from one level to the next, ensuring that foundation skills for each step are correct so that we can build upon those skills successfully while learning a new skill.

Assessments will be ongoing during the term and a swimmer will move up a level when the skills in that specific level are achieved. No waiting until the end of the term to move up.



Swimwear for under threes

All children under 3 years old must wear a disposable little swimmer nappy, even if they are toilet trained. Babies must wear a double layer protection (disposable little swimmer nappy and reusable nappy. Both are sold at reception). 

Caps are compulsory

Caps are compulsory for all swimmers from the age of 3 years upwards.
Caps are available for sale or you can bring your own.

Makeup Lessons for sickness

Group lessons - we offer make up classes during the term when 2 hours notice of absence has been received. Please give us a call, send us a text, or flick us an email to let us know.

Make up lessons are only available if there are vacancies in that level. Credit is not available as an alternative.

Private lessons - One credit will be provided for a missed lesson due to illness. No credit or make ups are available for missed lessons due to other reasons. 


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